Acknowledgements and credits

Personal acknowledgements

Rhian Kendall provided many fine illustrations for the 2006 book and I have used most of them again in this web version. Once I had decided that a second edition of Subterranean fishes of the world was necessary it was clear that it must be done as a fully featured web site. This was so that the content could be kept continuously up-to-date, which is not posible in printed book form, and gave the huge advantage of being easilly able to display as many full-colour illustrations as possible. Also the use of internal and external links provides a great deal of added value. Garry Douthwaite of Computer FX took on the task that I could not have done myself, of converting my text into the web site, designing the front-end and progamming the back-end to provide a great deal of functionality.

Credits for information

There are three web sites of incomparable value to the student of ichthyology: the Catalog of Fishes (Eschmeyer, Fricke, and van der Laan 2022) which is the authoritative sources on systematics and nomenclature, the Welt der Fische / World of Fishes (Schraml 2023) which provided very fast details of new species as they are published, and Fishbase (Froese and Pauly 2023). which provides details of many aspects of fish biology. I use all three very often.