A Consideration of Fishless Karsts

V1.0 03.05.2018

The following karst areas have no known troglobitic fishes:

Florida, USA

Has 24 aquatic troglobites in 627 caves (area 27000 km2) (Hobbs 2012). In this area there are 10 troblobitic crayfishes in two genera (Hobbs 1974, Hobbs, Hobbs and Daniel 1977, Crandall and De Grave 2017).

Walsh (2001)

Franz, Bauer and Morris (1994)

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California, USA

Guadalupes, USA

Has 1 aquatic troglobite in 1300 caves (area 43000km2) (Hobbs 2012). Hobbs (2012) reports that this region is arid and this probably explains the very small number of aquatic troglobites and the absence of fishes.

The Dinaric karst, Slovenia and Croatia

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The Nullarbor plane, Australia

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