Karst of east Herzegovina and Dubrovnik littoral

Milanovic, P.

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328 pages
In the series Cave and Karst Systems of the World
This new volume in Springer’s Advances in Karst Science Book Series builds upon the existing studies and literature and documents the historic and diverse zone of karst features in Central Europe. It presents a fresh and detailed look at both the past and current research and explores the unique and complex geology of a special geographic zone. Due to the sensitive nature of this special karst environment, future growth and development must be planned and implemented very carefully. With the diversity and delicate nature of its resources, the Dinaric Karst makes up many significant cavern systems, supports specialized agriculture, and is home to a population who copes annually with the reoccurring cycles of flood and drought due to the area’s unique geology. Petar has worked as a Senior Associate of PE LaMoreaux & Associates ( and he and his family and our family share many experiences in working together profession-ally and personally. It is my honor to write the Foreword for this fine addition to Springer’s ( series. I also had the opportunity to tour the area firsthand with Petar as one of the field trip leaders during the Karst Symposium: Expect the Unexpected in Trebinje, Bosnia-Herzegovina pre pandemic. Petar and his son Sasa and I and my father Dr. Phil LaMoreaux have served as members of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) Karst Commission. The Commission has been and continues to be a catalyst for much of the research and many of the publications in this series and in the Cave and Karst Systems of the World Book Series of which I am Editor. It is my pleasure, therefore, to introduce this work to you the reader. May you find it both enjoyable and helpful.
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