Troglonectes macrolepis

(Huang, Du, Chen and Yang 2009) Zhang and Zhou 2016

CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Oreonectes macrolepis  Huang, Du, Chen and Yang 2009




Holotype: KIZ 2008008131 54.8mm SL

Paratypes: KIZ 2008007294-7300, 2008008130, 2008008132 39.9mm - 64.2mm SL.


Pearl River drainage, Maonan County, Huanjiang City, Guangxi, China.


No details known.


Transferred to the hypogean-restricted genus Troglonectes by Zhang and Zhao (2016).

There are 19 described species in the genus Troglonectes (Eschmeyer 2022), all expect one are hypogean fishes with reduced eyes, reduced pigment and reduced scales. The only epigean member of the genus is Troglonectes hechiensis Zhao, Liu, Du and Luo 2021. The epigean species is a member of a monophyletic group which also contains T. furcocaudalis, T. daqikongensis, T. jiarongensis and T. shuilongensis (Zhao, Liu, Du and Luo 2021).

Conservation Status

MuG [NE]

Museum Holdings

As above only.

Key References

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