Troglonectes elongatus

(Tang, Zhao and Zhang 2012) Zhang and Zhou 2016

CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Oreonectes elongatus  Tang, Zhao and Zhang 2012




Holotype: ASIZB [now NZMC] 189288 78.2mm SL. Paratypes: ASIZB [now NZMC] 189289 78.1mm SL, SCAU 20100106 76.4mm SL


Type locality: Donglei Cave, Mulun Township, Huanjiang County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. Known also from a small number of other caves in the same area, including Shangzhaida Cave.


No details are provided of the habitats where the fishes were collected.


The closest known taxon may be Troglonectes translucens.

Conservation Status

MuG [NE]

Museum Holdings

As above only.

Key References

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