Malacoglanis gelatinosus

Myers and Weitzman 1966







Holotype: CAS-SU 50754 19.9mm SL.

Paratypes: CAS-SU 50755 18.2mm SL.


The known distribution of Malcoglanis gelatinosus (from Montoya-Ospina et al. 2018 and used with CC BY 4.0 permission)
Locality Municipality Department Latitude (N) Longitude (W) Voucher Reference
Aripora River Hato Corozal Casanare 05º54'10" 071º29'15" CZUT-IC 12838 Montoya-Ospina et al. 2018
Chire Nuevo River Hato Corozal Casanare 06º00'58.4" 071º31'25.2" IAvH-P 13640 Montoya-Ospina et al. 2018
Cano Palomas Cabuyaro Meta 04º21'13.8" 073º03'15.14" CZUT-IC 15543 Montoya-Ospina et al. 2018
Type locality Florencia Caqueta 01º27'10.94" 075º27'57.41"

Holotype CAS-SU 50754

Paratype CAS-SU 50755

Myers and Weitzman 1966

Conservation Status

MG [LC:3.1:2016]

Key References

Myers, G. S. and Weitzman, S.H. Journal Article 1966 Two remarkable new trichomycterid catfishes from the Amazon basin in Brazil and Colombia
Adriaens, D., Baskin, J.N. and Coppens, H. Book Section 2010 Evolutionary morphology of trichomycterid catfishes: about hanging on and digging in
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