Microcambeva ribeirae

Costa, Lima and Bizerril 2004







Holotype: MZUSP 84301 47.5mm SL.



The distribution, within South America, of the subfamilies Sarcoglanidinae and Glanapteryginae and the subfamily Microcambevinae and completetly disjuct. The first two subfamilies are found throughout Amazonia whereas the third subfamily is found only in the Atlantic Forest of eastern South America (Costa, Henschel and Katz 2020 Figure 5).


Costa, Henschel and Katz (2020) determined that the genus Microcambeva is not a memder the subfamily Sarcoglanidinae as has been supposed for some time. They created the new subfamily Microcambevinae for Microcambeva and Listura. The genus Listrura is not included on this website as its species live in leaf litter, rather than sand, and so are not interstitial (or psammophilic) species.

Biological Notes

Colour in life: Body almost translucent.

Conservation Status


Oyakawa et al, (2009), MMA Ministério do Meio Ambiente (2018)

Museum Holdings

As above only.

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