Sarcoglanis simplex

Myers and Weitzman 1966







Only a Holotype has been assigned: Holotype, and only known specimen at the time, CAS-SU 50189 19.6 mm.

Conservation Status


Museum Holdings

As above plus: ANSP 179212 17mm SL (Claeson et al. 2008, Fernandez and Schaefer 2009)


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Genbank 12S (Fernandez et al. 2021)

Genbank 16S (Fernandez et al. 2021)

Genbank ND4 (Fernandez et al. 2021)

Genbank H3 (Fernandez et al. 2021)

Genbank MH6

Genbank COI

Genbank CYTb

Genbank 16S

Key References

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