Triplophysa shilinensis

Chen and Yang 1992

Triplophysa shilinensis
Illustation by Rod Holt from Chen, Yang and Xu (1992)
CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae






Holotype: KIZ 913001, 61mm SL. Paratype: KIZ 913002, 60mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Weiboyi Cave, Weiboyi Village, (near to the famous Stone Forest), Yunnan Province, China (24o47’N, 103o22’E).


The only details provided are that the cave consists of a shaft 109m deep which intersects a river where the fishes were collected. Current velocity was 0.3ms-1 and water depth 0.2-0.3m (Chen, Yang and Xu 1992).


Chen, Yang and Xu (1992) consider that this species is most closely related to the hypogean species Triplophysa yunnanensis and Triplophysa gejiuensis and the epigean Triplophysa nanpanjiangensis. It is suggested that T. shilinensis and T. gejiuensis share a common ancestor which evolved from T. nanpanjiangensis. A good comparison of subterranean Triplophysa species is provided by Wu et al. (2018).

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