Lepidocephalus spectrum

Roberts 1989

CypriniformesCobitoidei Cobitidae




Indonesia: freshwater


Holotype: MZB 3533

Paratypes: USNM 230267, CAS 49353, MZB 3534-35


Type locality: Rocky ledge in middle of Sungai Melawi near confluence with Kapuas mainstream, about 0.5 km upstream from Sintang. Known also from Kalimantan, Kapuas River opposite Silat, (0o20.5’N, 111o47’E).


Probably deep dark rivers which have led to the troglomorphic condition of the species.


There are five species in the genus Lepidocephalus and all are reviewed by Deein et al. (2014): Lepidocephalus macrochir (Bleeker 1854), Lepidocephalus nanensis Deein, Tangjitjaroen and Page 2014, Lepidocephalus pallens (Vaillant 1902) and Lepidocephalus pahangensis (de Beaufort 1933) are known in addition to L. spectrum. L. spectrum and L. pallens are known to be very close geographically to each other and both are to a degree troglomorphic with L. spectrum the most advanced in this regard.

Conservation Status

[VU B1ab(iii):3.1:2020]

Daniels, A. 2020. Lepidocephalus spectrum. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2020: e.T91094224A91094246. Downloaded on 31 October 2021

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Key References

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