Macrotrema caligans

(Cantor 1849) Regan 1912

Macrotrema caligans
Macrotrema caligans from Singapore. Photograph by H.H. Tan. ZRC 56698 of 24.5 cm standard length


The common name is pink mud-eel (Tan et al. 2018).


Symbranchus caligans  Cantor 1849


Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore


Syntypes: BMNH 1860.3.19.943 (2) one listed as holotype by Rosen and Greenwood 1976:50


Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore (Kottelat 1989).



Freshwater and brackish water.


The genus is monotypic and is placed in the monotypic subfamily Macrotreminae by Rosen and Greenwood (1976:50).

Biological Notes

Found up to a meter deep in the mud, collected during spring tide (Ng 2018 at Fishbase).

According to Fishbase the male guards and builds a nest or burrow and they source this information from Breder and Rosen (1966). However, my own copy of this book makes no specific mention of this species! It is likely that this description refers to the Family Synbrachidae and not specifically to this species. The diagram on page 654-655 (which Fishbase use as their information source) only refers to the Family. It is highly unlikely that anyone known anthing at all about the reproduction of this very poorly known fish.

Conservation Status


Museum Holdings

As above plus:

BMNH 1908.7.13:1

MCZ 47107 (Rosen and Greenwood 1976:50)

ZRC 41645 (Juvenile 4.5cm TL, Singapore River 1996) (Tan et al. 2018)

ZRC 54090/CMBS 58237 (Juvenile 5.4cm TL, Pasir Ris eastern shore between mouth of Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines 2012 (Tan et al. 2018)

ZRC 54755/SEA 4073 (One specimen, 13.6cm SL, Johor Strait, western entrance between 1°19.911’N 103°37.657’E and 1°19.705’N 103°37.544’E, obtained by rectangular dredge over substrate of sand, mud and fine shells, between 7.7 and 7.5 m depth 2014) (Tan et al. 2018)

ZRC 54756/SEA 4056 (One specimen, 10.2cm TL, Johor Strait, western entrance between 1°19.616’N 103°37.588’E and 1°19.397’N 103°37.505’E (DR 287); obtained by rectangular dredge over substrate of sand, mud and fine shells, between 7.6 and 8.7 m depth, 2014) (Tan et al. 2018)

ZRC 56698 (Twenty-one specimens (16.2 - 25.2 cm TL, Lim Chu Kang mudflats, purchased from a bait shop in Singapore 2017) (Tan et al. 2018)

ZRC 56811 (Fifteen specimens (13.6 - 23.0 cm TL), Lim Chu Kang mudflats, purchased from a bait shop in Singapore 2018) (Tan et al. 2018)


Internet Resources

Fishbase page

Photograph by P.Y.C. Ng at Fishbase

Photograph by P.Y.C. Ng at Fishbase

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Head and anterior body of Mancrotrema calligans 24.5 cm standard length from ZRC 56698. Dorsal view at top, lateral view at middle and ventral view at bottom. Note the extensive gill membrane, poorly.developed subcutaneous eyes and distinct lateral line. Photo by H.H. Tan