Trypauchenopsis intermedia

Volz 1903



The common name is Bearded Eelgoby or Bearded Goby.


Brachyamblyopus intermedius  Koumans 1953

Taenioides jacksoni  J.L.B. Smith 1943

Taenioides limicola  C.L. Smith 1964


West, South, East Pacific: brackish


The Bearded Eelgoby lives in burrows in soft, anaerobic mud in brackish water (Bruton 1996) and is thus, at least partially interstitial or psammophilic.


A member of the subfamily Amblyopinae and within that a member of the Taenioides group together with Brachyamblyopus, Gymnoamblyopus, Odontamblyopus and Taenioides (Murdy 2011).

Biological Notes

"Eyes very small and vestigial...Flesh semi transparent" (Bruton 1996).

Length up to 140mm SL (Bruton 1996).

Conservation Status

MG[LC] [Larson 2016]

Museum Holdings

Shibukawa and Murdy (2012) examined a total of 485 specimens from a number of institutions.

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