Trypauchen vagina

(Bloch and Schneider 1801) Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes 1837



Gobius vagina   Bloch and Schneider 1801

Gobioides ruber  Hamilton-Buchanan 1822


Indo-West and east Pacific:marine


Only a Holotype has been assigned: Holotype ZMB 2127.


A member of the subfamily Amblyopinae, and within this a member of the Trypauchen group together with Amblyotrypauchen, Caragobius, Ctenotrypauchen, Karsten, Paratrypauchen and Trypauchenichthys (Murdy 2011). There are only two known species in the genus, the other being Trypauchen pelaeos Murdy 2006.

Biological Notes

Eye rudimentary and covered by skin in orbital depression (Murdy 2006). Rainboth (1996) reported that in the Cambodian Mekong, T. vagina does not venture far from its burrow and preys on small crustaceans. Chen and Fang (1999) stated that T. vagina inhabits burrows in estuarine and coastal areas including river mouths and is an omnivorous benthic feeder.

Conservation Status

[LC:3.1:2019] [Larson 2019]

Museum Holdings

HUJ 19900 (Salameh et al 2010).

Internet Resources


Trypauchen vagina complete mitochondrial genome (Shi et al. 2012)


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