Henicorhynchus thaitui

Nguyen, Ho, Hoang and Zhang 2020







Holotype: IEBR 105901 74.3mm SL.

Paratypes: IHB 2016105895, IHB 2016105896, IHB 2016105897, IHB 2016105898, IHB 2016105899 (80.9-99.5mm SL); IEBR 105900, IEBR 10591, IEBR 105902, IEBR 105903, IEBR 105904 (68.8-75.6mm SL); VU5905, VU5906, VU5907, VU5908 (76.8-83.4mm SL).



Known only from the Type Locality: Khe Lanh Cave, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam (in the Son River System of the Gianh River basin).


In the original description the authors place the generic name, Henicorhynchus, in inverted commas and state that "'Henicorhynchus' thaitui is referred to the genus Henicorhymchus with hesitation."

The genus was in fact revised in detail while this species description was in the publication process (Ciccotto and Page 2020) and the revision appeard in print only one month before the description was published. Clearly the authors of the description cannot have known about this revision. The first author of the revision, Patrick Ciccotto, was asked (by G. Proudlove) to comment on the generic placment and his answer fully justifies the species' authors hesitation:

" The generic placement is incorrect. This species does not have the combination of diagnostic features of Henicorhynchus reported in the recent revision. It is also neither a species of Cirrhinus nor a species of Gymnostomous based on specimens of those genera that I have examined." (Personal communication to G. Proudlove 04/09/2020).

Clearly this species requires a different generic name and it may be that a new generic name will be needed.

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Key References

Nguyen, D.T., Ho, A.T., Hoang, N.T., Wu, H. and Zhang, E. Journal Article 2020 ‘Henicorhynchus’ thaitui, a new species of cavefish from Central Vietnam (Teleostei, Cyprinidae)
Ciccotto, P.J. and Page, L.M. Journal Article 2020 Revision of the genus Henicorhynchus, with a revised diagnosis of Gymnostomus (Cyprinidae: Labeoninae)