Isbrueckerichthys alipionis

(Gosline 1947) Derijst 1996



This is an isolated cave population of an otherwise epigean species. It was originally (Trajano et al. 2008) considered as a troglophilic popualtion, capable of living permanently in either epigean or hypogean environments. More recently Trajano (2021) has shown that the cave population is completey isolated from other populations of I. alipionis and is therefore effectively troglobitic, though it has not yet has sufficient time to evolve any troglomorphic features. Isolation is due to evolution of the karst basin in which the fish is found such that the streamway is now not connected to to other stream segments due to downcutting.  


Pareiorhaphis alipionis  Gosline 1947




This population is not yet recognised as a separate taxon, though it probably should be, and there are currently no types.


Known only from the "type locality": Santana Cave, Alto Ribeira karst area, Iporanga, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.


An upper level vadose tributary which is isolated by vertical waterfalls from downstream passages.


Should probably be considered as a taxon separate from epigean I. alipionis. In the subfamily Neoplecostominae.

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