Microcambeva watu

Medeiros, Sarmento-Soares and Lima 2021







Holotype: MNRJ 51962 25.7mm SL.

Paratypes: MBML 4400 3 specimens 19.5-22.1 mm SL, MBML 4383 26.0 mm SL, UFRN 5800 2  specimens 21.8-20.8 mm SL, MZUSP 123346 23.9 mm SL, MZUSP 123363 2 specimens 26.8-27.3 mm, MZUSP 123364 4 specimens 20.6-22.7 mm SL, MZUSP 123365 6 specimens 23.0-23.9 mm SL


Type locality: Brazil, Espírito Santo State, Santa Tereza, Rio Doce basin, stream between São João de Petrópolis and Vila, 19°47'02" S 40°38'52" W.

Also recorderd from: Minas Gerais State, Penha, Rio Corrente Grande, 18°57'09" S 42°21'38" W; Penha, Rio Corrente Grande, 18°57'09" S42°21'38";  Baguari, Ribeirão, São Mateus, Rio Corrente Grande.


Costa, Henschel and Katz (2020) determined that the genus Microcambeva is not a memder the subfamily Sarcoglanidinae as has been supposed for some time. They created the new subfamily Microcambevinae for Microcambeva and Listura. The genus Listrura is not included on this website as its species live in leaf litter, rather than sand, and so are not interstitial (or psammophilic) species.

Conservation Status


Key References

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