Ammoglanis natgeorum

Henschel, Lujan and Baskin 2020







Holotype: MHNLS 26155 12.9 mm SL.

Paratypes: ANSP 182819 (2) 12.3-12.4 mm SL (ex. AUM 54138), AUM 54138 (2) 12.6 12.7 mm SL, ROM 110299 (2) 12.0-12.4 mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Right (east) bank of the Atabapo River mouth, base of Guapasucia Stone, adjacent to the town of San Fernando de Atabapo and c. 600 m east of the border with Colombia (middle of the Atabapo River channel), Orinoco River drainage Amazonas State, Venezuela (41053.5400N, 6741049.3400W) c.80 m above sea level.


The Atabapo River is blackwater. All specimens were collected from approximately 5 m2 of shallow, marginal habitat where rising water levels had recently inundated leaf litter over quartzitic sand among granite boulders. Specimens emerged from the leaf litter or sand upon application of rotenone, making them easy to capture using hand nets at the water's surface, and were the only fishes present

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