Ammoglanis obliquus

Henschel, Bragança, Rangel-Pereira and Costa 2020







Holotype: UFRJ 12477 14.1 mm SL.

Paratypes: UFRJ 12448 (25) 12.0–15.5 mm SL, UFRJ 12479 (4) 12.8–13.2 mm SL, UFRJ 12478 (4) 13.0–14.1 mm SL, INPA 59277 (2) 12.8–12.9 mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Sandbank at small stream, Preto da Eva River drainage, Rio Preto da Eva municipality, Amazonas River, Amazonas State, Brazil (02°46'27"S, 59°38'58"W) altitude about 20 m.


Interstitial (psammophilic).

Biological Notes

Colouration in life. Head integument and musculature transparent, pinkish colouration from blood vessels visible by transparency.

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As above only.

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Key References

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