Cetopsis oliveirai

(Lundberg and Rapp Py-Daniel 1994) Vari, Ferraris and de Pinna 2005



Bathycetopsis oliveirai  Lundberg and Rapp Py-Daniel 1994




Holotype: INPA 4439, 27.9mm SL.

Paratypes: INPA 7689, 2, 27.7 (female) 28.1 SL, MZUSP 44068, 1, 27.0 SL, USNM 325618, 1, 21.6 SL, DU F1170, 1, 29.6 SL CAS, INPA 4533, 1, 22.7 SL, INPA 4668, 1, 30.0 SL, INPA 4669, 2, 24.7-30.7 SL.


Middle and upper Amazon River basin: Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. Habitat: freshwater.


A member of the subfamily Cetopsinae.

Conservation Status


Key References

The paper by Andres et al. (1988) is an important contribution to the anatomy of the electroreceptors in Cetopsid fishes. However, it is not known which species in the Family (39 species in 4 genera, Van der Sleen and Albert 2018) was examined as the paper calls the animal investigated "Pseudocetopsis spec.". This is now in the synonymy of three different Cetopsid genera: Cetopsis, Cetopsidium and Denticetopsis (Eschmeyer et al. 2021). Despite this uncertainty the observations are very valuable.

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