Triplophysa xuanweiensis

Lu, Li, Mao and Zhao 2022

Triplophysa xuanweiensis
Triplophysa xuanweiensis Lu, Li, Mao and Zhao 2022 From Lu et al. (2022) and used with permission
CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae






Holotype: ASIZB 223816 68.6 mm SL

Paratypes: ASIZB 223817-223831 (15 specimens), 21.7–85.5 mm SL


Known only from the type locality: Xinle Village, Tangtang Town, Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province, China, Beipan River system, a tributary of the Hongshui River (26°32′44"N, 104°08′01″E).


Based on mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences the following troglobitic species of Triplophysa form a monophyletic group:

T. huapingenis, T. baotianensis, T. zhenfengensis, T. xuanweiensis, T. erythraea, T. rosa, T. longliensis, T. xiangxiensis, T. nasobarbatula, T. tianeensis, T. nandanensis

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urn: lsid: pub: 1C73EFC4-1820-4294-A2EC-1DF5B4F99178

Triplophysa xuanweiensis LSID:

urn: lsid: act: BFC02521-FF34-4871-BC56-FE26C74A01FB

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Living Triplophya xuanweiensis. From Lu et al (2022) and used with permission