Sinocyclocheilus longicornus

Xu, Luo, Zhou, Wu, Zhao, Yang, Xiao and Zhou 2023







Holotype: GZNU20210503002, 135.9 mm total length (TL), 109.8 mm standard length (SL).

Paratypes: Fourteen adult male specimens from the same locality as the holotype: GZNU20210503001, GZNU20210503003–03013, GZNU20210503015–503016, 84.3–116.4 mm SL.


Sinocyclocheilus longicornus is only known from the type locality, a vertical cave some distance from Hongguo Town, Panzhou city, Guizhou, China at an elevation of 2276 m. There was no light inside the cave. Individuals of S. longicornus sp. nov. were located in a small pool ~25 m from the cave entrance. The pool was ~1.8 m wide and 80 cm deep, with a water temperature of ~16°C at collection time and a water pH of 7.4. The 15 specimens collected on 3 May 2021 were all adult males. Therefore, we believe that the breeding period started from mid-April. Within this cave, S. longicornus sp. nov. co-occurred with Triplophysa sp., and Sinocyclocheilus sp. Outside the cave, the arable land was farmed to produce maize, wheat, and potatoes (Xu et al. 2023).

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Key References

Xu, C., Luo, T., Zhou, J.-J., Wu, L., Zhao, X.-R., Yang, H.-F., Xiao, N. and Zhou, J. Journal Article 2023 Sinocyclocheilus longicornus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae), a new species of microphthalmic hypogean fish from Guizhou, Southwest China