Astroblepus riberae

Cardona and Guerao 1994

Astroblepus riberae
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Cardona and Guerao (1994)






Holotype: DBAMZB (no reference number) female 79mm SL. Paratypes DBAMZB (no reference numbers) 6 females 50.8m - 89.1mm SL, 4 males 56.3mm - 124.0mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: La Cueva de Ninabamba, Peru (6°19'48"S, 78°30'36"W).


Details of the type locality are provided by Martinez, Romero, Romero and Ribera (1983).


No published details.

Conservation Status

TLO [DD:3.1:2016]

(Velasquez Quispe, M., Hidalgo del Aguila, M. & Chocano, L. 2016. Astroblepus riberae. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016: Downloaded on 07 July 2017). This cavern species has only been recorded in the subterranean drainage of the Ninabamba cave and has an area of occupancy of less than 10 km2. However, it is not known whether it is exposed to any threat. Hence, it is categorized as Data Deficient.

Museum Holdings

As above only.

Key References

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