Trichomycterus chaberti

Durand 1968

Trichomycterus chaberti
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Durand (1968)






Holotype: MNHN 1968-217 70.5mm TL. Paratypes: MHNG 1513.19-22 (ex-LSM) 29 specimens 39.0mm ‑ 129.5mm TL.


Known only from the type locality: Grotte de Umayalanta, 8 km NW of the village of Torotoro, Department of Potosi, Province of Charcas, Bolivia (c.19oS, 66oW).

This cave is in the biogeographic unit Amazon and drainage basin Mamoré of Schaefer (2011:268-273).


The Grotte de Umayalanta is a vadose cave situated at a height of 2850m. In the November to March wet season the stream in the cave can rise to 20 m3s-1 and much detritus and animals are carried into the cave.


No details are provided by Durand (1968).

Conservation Status

TLO [LC:3.1:2016]

(Carvajal, F., Maldonado, M., Sarmiento, J. & Van Damme, P. 2016. Trichomycterus chaberti. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016: Downloaded on 10 July 2017). DD (IUCN, 1996, 2000). After a visit to the type locality in 1986 Guyot and Clavel (1987) reported that: “Dans tous les cours d’eau souterrains, nous avons pu observer de tres nombreux poissons depigementes, deja signales en 1966 par J. Chabert.”

Museum Holdings

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