Trichomycterus sandovali

Ardila Rodriguez 2006







Holotype: CAR 116. Paratypes: AS 115 (5).


Known only from the type locality: Don Juan cave, Municipality of Zapatoca, Dept. Santander, Colombia.


Details not known.


Originally placed in the genus Trichomycterus by Ardila Rodriguez (2006). A multigene analysis by Katz et al. (2018) strongly suggests that sandovali is a very long way away from the majority of Trichomycterus species which form a monphyletic group. If this is supported by further evidence it will be necessary to review the genetic position, either to discover a  more relevant genus or describe a new one. See also Ochoa et al. (2017).

Conservation Status


(Villa-Navarro, F. 2016. Trichomycterus sandovali. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016: Downloaded on 10 July 2017). Although this species has a very restricted distribution and it occurs in a single locality, it is within a protected area and there are no apparent threats affecting its population. It is therefore listed as Least Concern. Monitoring of its population is recommended.

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