Trichomycterus rosablanca

Mesa S., Lasso, Ochoa and DoNascimiento 2018







Holotype: IAvH-P 16086 95.5 mm SL. Paratypes: IAvH-P 14050 1 CS 59.5 mm SL, IAvH-P 15806, 1 50.8 mm SL, IAvH-P 15808, 1 76.2 mm SL, IAvH-P 15810, 2 50.1mm SL,  IAvH-P 15811, 5 48.7-74.8 mm SL, IAvH-P 15809; 1 IAvH-P 15813, 16 41.2-77.7 mm SL, IAvH-P 15814, 5 45.6-65.5 mm SL,  IAvH-P 15815, 1 68.6 mm SL.

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Type locality: Las Sardinas Cave, Las Sardinas Creek, tributary of Horta River, Carare River drainage, Magdalena River basin, El Peñón, Santander, Colombia (06°05’36.0”N 73°49’42.7”W). Altitude 2308m. Also known from: Caracol Cave, hypogean stream tributary of Horta River in the same area.


A neighbour-joining tree of COI sequence divergence (K2P) in 17 trichomycterid species showed that the sister species of T. rosablanca is Eremophilus mutisii.

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Sequences. Genseq-2 COI: sequence of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome C oxidase subunit I of one paratype (IAvH-P 15811) of Trichomycterus rosablanca (genseq-2 COI following the nomenclature of Chakrabarty et al. 2013) is available through the following BOLD accession code: CBIHS009-17.

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Mesa S., L.M., Lasso, C.A., Ochoa, L.E. and DoNascimiento, C. Journal Article 2018 Trichomycterus rosablanca (Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae) a new species of hipogean catfish from the Colombian Andes