Ituglanis bambui

Bichuette and Trajano 2004







Holotype: MZUSP 79860 43.2mm SL. Paratypes: MZUSP 79861 32.7mm SL, MZUSP 79862 30.6 – 45.5mm SL, MZUSP 79863 35.0-41.4mm SL, MZUSP 79864 31.7-46.3mm SL.


Known only from the type locailty: Angelica Cave, Terra Ronca State Park, Sao Domingos, Brazil. 13o31S, 46o23W.


In two tributary streams separated by 7km. Water derived from epikarst.

Conservation Status

[NE] [CR B2ab(iii,v):3.1:2011]

Ituglanis bambui is endemic to Brazil, known from a single cave, Angelica Lapa, Angélica-Bezerra System, Paranã River basin, Alto Tocantins, municipality of São Domingos, Goiás. The area of occupancy is estimated at 5 km2. The cave is visited by many people who are not controled. Besides the trampling and silting of the river, the presence of the tourists causes the bats to move away, reducing the amount of guano and, consequently, the terrestrial arthropods that are part of the species diet. A decrease of the population (35%), in 10 years, was observed in this section of the cave, which may be related to the intense and uncontrolled visits. Therefore, Ituglanis bambui was categorized as Critically Endangered (CR) under the criterion B2ab (iii, v). As a conservation measure, visits in the cave should be suspended". [Google Translate]

Museum Holdings

As above plus: LESCI00004, LESCI0009, LESCI 00010, LESCI 00034, LESCI00117, LESCI00151 (Rizzato and Bichuette 2017)

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