Ituglanis epikarsticus

Bichuette and Trajano 2004







Holotype: MZUSP 79869. Paratypes: MZUSP 79870-72 (1, 2 c&s, 1 c&s). Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:407.


Rimstone dams in São Mateus Cave, Terra Ronca State Park, São Domingos, Goiás State, Brazil. 13°40'S, 46°22'W.

Conservation Status

[NE] [VU D2:3.1:2011]

Ituglanis epikarsticus occurs in a single cave, São Mateus Cave (13o40’S, 46o22’ W) of the São Mateus-Imbira System, Paranã River basin, Alto Tocantins, municipality of São Domingos, Goiás. It occurs in a very specific environment: an upper aquifer formed by infiltration water into the rock, which emerges through a "shower" on the roof of the cave, supplying several areas of travertine. The area of ​​the upper aquifer is estimated at about 1km2. This area is inside the Terra Ronca State Park. Although the main environment of the species is apparently protected, the upper aquifer has reduced flow in the 2011 dry season, a fact never seen in the last 30 years, which represents a potential threat. Therefore, Ituglanis epikarsticus was categorized as Vulnerable (VU) under criterion D2. It is urgent to monitor the water level of this water table, in addition to the detailed mapping of the cave in search of other places of occurrence of the species” [Google Translate].

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