Ituglanis ramiroi

Bichuette and Trajano 2004






Conservation Status

[NE] [VU D2:3.1:2011]

Ituglanis ramiroi is known from a single cave, São Bernardo Lapa, part of the São Bernardo-Palmeiras System, Paranã River basin, Alto Tocantins, municipality of São Domingos, Goiás. It occurs in puddles formed by infiltration water in the rock and Extent of occurrence was estimated at 3.5km2. The cave is located in the State Park of Terra Ronca, but the source of the river that crosses the cave is outside protected area and livestock occupation, which may represent a threat by the silting of the river. Therefore, Ituglanis ramiroi was categorized as Vulnerable (VU) by criterion D2. Recovery of riparian forests and degraded areas around the cave is necessary. [Google Translate].

Key References

Bichuette, ME and Trajano, E Journal Article 2004 Three new subterranean species of Ituglanis from central Brazil (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae)