Bostrychus microphthalmus

Hoese and Kottelat 2005

Bostrychus microphthalmus
Bostrychus microphthalmus. Photograph by Didier Rigal, used with permission and taken from Deharveng et al. (2021)






Holotype: MZB 5942 67mm SL. Paratypes: AMS I.43460-001 46-71mm SL, CMK 7241 64-75mm SL, MNHN 2004-3089 41mm SL, MZB 5943 26mm SL.


Type locality: Gua Tanette, part of the extensive Towakkalak System, Kapang, Sulawesi Selatan, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Known also from: the Saripa System in the same area and possibly the same hydrological system (Deharveng et al. 2021).


Miesen et al. (2016) record that the genus is poorly defined and poorly known.

Kuang et al. (2018) used molecular markers to study the internal structure of the Suborder Gobioidei which contains within it eleven Families. They demonstrated that Milyeringidae is sister Family to a group of four  Families: Oxudercidae+Gobiidae+Butidae+ Eleotridae and is only distantly related to four others: Odontobutidae, Rhyacichthyidae, Apogonidae and Kurtidae (samples from Thalasseleotridae and Trichonotidae were not availabe for analysis).

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