Pareiodon microps

Kner 1855





Amazon River: freshwater


Araguaia, middle-lower Madeira, Amazonas main channel (Dagosta and de Pinna 2019).


Silva (2006), after a study of the cephalic myology and phylogeny of Nematogenyidae and Trichomycteridae, concluded that " Pareiodon was removed from the Stegophilinae and the subfamily Pareodontinae should be resurrected for it". This recommendation was not followed by Fernandez (2018) who retained this species in Stegophilinae. Henschel et al. (2021) also retain P. microps in Stegophilinae.

Conservation Status


Museum Holdings

ANSP 181152 (2 specimens) (Fernandez and Schaefer 2009)


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Key References

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