Peckoltia pankimpuju

(Lujan and Chamon 2008) Armbuster, Werneke and Tan 2015



Hemiancistrus pankimpuju  Lujan and Chamon 2008


Amazon River: freshwater


Holotype: MUSM 32337 130.1mm SL. Paratype AUM 45595 98.5mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Peru: Departamento Amazonas: Rio Marafion, Pongo de Manseriche above Borja, 35.5 km NE Juan Velasco (Santa Maria de Nieva) (4°27'38"S 77° 34'53"W).

Endemic – Amazonas main channel (Dagosta and de Pinna 2019).


Originally placed in the polyphyletic genus Hemiancistrus by Lujan and Chamon (2008) the species was moved to a monophyletic Peckoltia by Armbruster et al. (2015)

Biological Notes

The species is included in this list as it has a totally white body, head and fins with hyaline fin membranes. Chromatophores are absent and pink muscle tones show at the surface of the body. This is reflected in the specific name which is derived from 'pankim' meaning beautiful and 'puju' meaning white in the language of the Aguaruna people indiginous to northern Peru.

Conservation Status


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