Bibarba wenliuensis

Yang, Chen and Li 2020

CypriniformesCobitoidei Cobitidae






Only a Holotype has been assigned: Heilongtan Reservoir of Shilin County 2015102401 55.7mm SL, 67.3mm TL.


Known only from the type locality: Huajiao Da Dong, Huajiao Village, Wenliu Township, Qiubei County, Yunnan Province, China (24o19'42.9"N, 104o25'17.6"E), 1257m asl. Qingshujiang River basin, Nanpangjiang River. All three species of Bibarba (B. bibarba, B. parvoculus and B. wenliuensis) are found in the Pearl River drainage.


The true subterranean habitat, of this very troglomorphic species, is not known.


No details published.

Biological Notes

There are currently three species in the genus and it is certainly possible that the subterranean species (B. parvoculus and B. wenliuensis) are directly evolved from the surface species (B. bibarba). It would be very interesting to attempt to cross breed the cave and surface species to see if they were still reproductively compatible, as are the surface and subterranean species of Astyanax in Mexico.

Eyes absent, pigment absent (AB/AB phenotype of Farley (2021), see also Metadata section for more details of this classification).

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As above only.

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