Triplophysa macrocephala

Yang, Wu and Yang 2012

CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae






Holotype: KIZ 2010003078 male 59.3mm SL. Paratypes: KIZ 2010003079 male, KIZ 2010003080 female, KIZ 2010003081 male, KIZ 04100629 female, KIZ 04100630 gender unknown, KIZ 04100632 male, six specimens, 47.3–76.6 mm SL.

KIZ 2010003079–2010003081 are deposited in Kunming Institute of Zoology; 04100629, 04100630 and 04100632 are kept in Guangxi Institute of Fisheries.


Known only from the type locality: Renguang village, Lihu Town, Nandan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China( 25°10′15″ N, 107°43′50″ E).


The underground river drains into the Dagouhe River, which flows into the Xijiang River (tributary of the Pearl River). Portal of the cave where Triplophysa macrocephala was collected is huge. After 10 minutes walking in darkness, about 300 m from the entrance, a pool was found. Triplophysa macrocephala lives in the pool with a muddy bottom. Another loach (possibly but not confirmed Triplophya longibarbata) was found in the same pool.


A good comparison of subterranean Triplophysa species is provided by Wu et al. (2018).

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