Sinocyclocheilus cyphotergous

(Dai 1988) Kottelat and Brehier 1999

Sinocyclocheilus cyphotergous
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Dai (1988)


Gibbibarbus cyphotergous  Dai 1988




Originally described from a single specimen, the Holotype: IGAS QL86001, now lost.

Neotype: ASIZB 204678 97.71mm SL, designated by Huang, Gluesenkamp, Fenolio, Wu and Zhao (2017).

This species is the type species by original designation and monotypy of the monotypic cave-restricted genus Gibbibarbus.


Known only from the type locality: Grotte de Daxiao Dong, Zhujiang River basin, Hongshuihe River, Dajing Village Bianyang Town, Luodian County, Guizhou. (ca. 25°37′N, 107°05′E).


No published details.


A member of the subfamily Barbinae. Chen and Yang (1993a) suggested that the genus Gibbibarbus is closely related to the genus Sinocyclocheilus. Maurice Kottelat (pers. comm.) also suggests that the genus Gibbibarbus resembles Sinocyclocheilus and Kottelat and Brehier (1999) placed this species in the genus Sinocyclocheilus. Wang and Chen (1998) revised the diagnosis of the genus Sinocyclocheilus.

Conservation Status

TLO [VU D2 2.3] [Kottelat 1996]

(Kottelat, M. 1996. Gibbibarbus cyphotergous. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1996: Downloaded on 04 July 2017).

Museum Holdings

IHB 12209040 116.2mm SL, collected with the original holotype.

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