Sinocyclocheilus altishoulderus

(Li and Lan, 1992) Wang and Chen 1998

Sinocyclocheilus altishoulderus
Redrawn by Rod Holr from Li and Lan (1992)


Anchicyclocheilus altishoulderus  Li and Lan 1992




Holotype: MSTFM 890480026, 220 mm TL. Paratypes: MSTFM 890480027-890480038 (12 specimens, 143-228 mm TL).


Donglan County, Guangxi, China (c. 23oN, 107oE).


No published details.


Described by Li and Lan (1992) as close to Anchicyclocheilus halfiibindus but placed in Sinocyclocheilus by Shan, Yue, Lin and Chu in Yue (2000). Wang and Chen (1998) revised the diagnosis of the genus Sinocyclocheilus.

Genbank accession numbers from Yang et al. (2015): CO1 - FJ984568 Cytb - FJ984568 16S - FJ984568 ND4 - FJ984568 ND5 - FJ984568 Mitogenomev - FJ984568

CO1 Cytb 16S ND4 ND5 Mitogenome
FJ984568 FJ984568 FJ984568 FJ984568 FJ984568 FJ984568


Li at al. (2018) obtained a complete mitochondrial genome of Sinocyclocheilus oxycephalus. This allowed them to show that 11 species in the genus comprised a monophyeltic group: S. grahami, S. wumengshanensis, S. oxycephalus, S. ranganensis, S. jii, and the hypogean S. anophthalmus, S. anshuiensis, S. altishoulderus, S. bicornutus, S. rhinocerous and S. furcodorsalis. This grouping does not agree with the clades proposed by Zhao and Zhang (2009) who placed the hypogean species in three separate clades angularis, cyphotergous and tingi. This situation will require further study to resolve.

Yu et al. (2021) obtained a mitochondrial genome of S. xiaotunensis (see below). They found that it lead to a clade of S. xiaotunensis with S. altishoulderus and S. furcodorsalis. [Note: at the time of publication of Yu et al. (2021) (May 2021) it does not appear that S. xiaotunensis has been formally described].

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