Sinocyclocheilus brevibarbatus

Zhao, Lan and Zhang 2009







Holotype: ASIZB [now NZMC] 74228. Paratypes: ASIZB 74229 (1), 93900-04 (5).


Underground river, Chujiang (Pearl) River basin, Hongshuihe River, Gaoling Town (ca. 24°03'N, 108°02'E), Du'an County, Guangxi Province, China.

Biological Notes

Lunghi et al. (2019) conducted a morphometric study of eight species of Sinocyclocheilus. They showed that S. brevibarbatus had eyes in both fully developed and reduced states. They had samples from two sites (23.99oN, 107.99oE and 24.06oN, 108.05oE.). The smallest sample was 76.26mm SL and the largest 162.49mm SL with a mean of 112.72mm SL.

Conservation Status


Internet Resources

Lunghi et al. (2019) Open Access paper

Key References

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