Pseudosinocyclocheilus jinxiensis

(Zheng, Xiu and Yang 2013) Zhang and Zhao 2016



Sinocyclocheilus jinxiensis  Zheng, Xiu and Yang 2013




Holotype: GIF 20110400108 106.6mm SL. Paratypes: KIZ 2011002802 107.4mm SL. Plus 3 non-type specimens 110.5mm - 123.7mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: Xiaolong Spring, Xiaolong Village, Xinjin Town, Jinxi County, Zuojiang River drainage, Guangxi, China, elevation 754 meters. 23°10'03.73"N, 106°25'41.11"E


The true habitat is not known, the fishes were captured from a spring.


Zhang and Zhao (2016:96) errected the, currently monotypic, genus Pseudosinocyclocheilus for this species as it differs in a number of ways from Sinocyclocheilus. In a thorough phylogenetic classification of the Cypriniformes Tan and Armbruster (2018) placed Pseudosinocyclocheilus as incertae sedis within Cyprinidae as they were unable to determine the subfamily into which to place it.

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