Ancistrus galani

Perez and Viloria 1994

Ancistrus galani
Drawing by Rhian Kendall from photograph in Perez and Viloria (1994). NB Dorsal view!






Holotype: MBLUZ-04351, 37.3mm SL. Paratype: MCP-15634 55.8mm SL. (Details from Table 1 in Perez and Viloria (1994), the SL of the paratype is given elsewhere as 52.82mm).


Known only from the type locality: Cueva de Los Laureles (=Zu 31), Rio Socuy, Sierra de Perija, Zulia State, Venezuela (10o24’04”N, 72o27’42”W). The stygobitic trichomycterid Trichomycterus spelaeus inhabits a nearby system (DoNascimiento, Villarreal and Provenzano 2001)


The cave contains a population of Oilbirds which may provide a source of food. It is also inhabited by species of freshwater crabs in the genus Chaceus (Pseudothelphusidae) including Chaceus caecus which is stygomorphic and stygobitic. See Rodriguez and Bosque (1990) for further habitat details.


The most closely related species is Ancistrus bevifilis bodenhameri which lives in both epigean and hypogean habitats. There is a stygophilic population of this species on Cueva de Los Laureles. It is thought that A. galani evolved during the Pleistocene and that the current sympatry is due to the much more recent colonisation of the hypogean domain by Ancistrus bevifilis bodenhameri.

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