Trichomycterus dali

Rizzato, Costa, Trajano and Bichuette 2011







Holotype: MZUSP 106630 78.9mm SL. Paratypes: MZUSP 106631 62.4mm SL (c and s), MZUSP 106632 49.0mm SL, 106633 (1), 106634 (1), 106635 (1), 109770 (1).


Type locailty: Saracura Cave, rio Paraguai basin, Serra da Bodoquena karst area, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 21o9’14.6”S, 56o43’22.7”W, 792m altitude. Known also from Buraco das Abelhas cave and Morro do Jerico cave in the same area. A taxon which may be T. dali, or a closely related taxon, is known from Urubu Rei, Mina do Vejo, California, Toca da Onca, S. Valdemar, F. da Bodoquena, Mina da Sede and Bebedouro in the same area, the left bank of the Salobra River (Cordeiro, Borghezan and Trajano 2014).

Conservation Status

[NE] [VU D2:3.1:2011]

Trichomycterus dali is endemic to Brazil, and is distributed in the Serra da Bodoquena, municipality of Bonito, MS. The extent of occurrence is estimated at 600km2. It is not located in a protected area, and the whole area is located around the Parna da Serra da Bodoquena. Two major threats affect the species: the expansion of the limestone mining activity in the southern portion and the expansion of livestock in the northern portion of the species distribution. These regions represent two locations. These activities are causing pollution and lowering of the water table, in addition to the complete destruction of cave systems around the Park. For this reason, the species is classified as Vulnerable (VU) under criterion D2. It is essential to establish protective measures of the karst systems of the Serra da Bodoquena. Studies that elucidate possible differences between northern and southern populations are also needed, such as phylogenetic and molecular biology studies." [Google Translate]

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Key References

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