Copionodon undescribed species Igatu

[Trajano and Bichuette 2007]







This species has not yet been described and there are no types.


Chapada Diamantina, Municipio de Andarai, Provoado de Igatu, Gruna dos Torras, rio Paraguacu drainage, Bahia, Brazil. 12o52’40.4”S, 41o18’43.3”W.


Coexists with the troglobitic fish Glaphyropoma spinosum. Chapada Diamantina is a large plataeu area in eastern Brazil in which the cave are developed in quartzite, not limestone.


This species, together with the troglobitic Glaphyropoma spinosum, the epigean Glaphyropoma rodriguesi de Pinna 1992 and four epigean species of Copionodon, forms the monophyletic subfamily Copionodontinae. This subfamily is restricted to Chapada Diamantina and is the most basal clade in the Trichomycteridae.

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