Rhamdia typhla

Greenfield, Greenfield, and Woods 1982



Rhamdia laticauda typhla  Greenfield, Greenfield and Woods 1982




Holotype:  FMNH 71605 114.8mm SL. Paratypes:  FMNH 80454 3 specimens 50.8mm ‑ 92.7mm SL; FMNH 80455 3 specimens 52.0mm ‑ 124.9mm SL; FMNH 80456 9 specimens 57.4mm ‑ 118mm SL; UMMZ 192632 70.1mm SL.


Known only from the type locality: a cave in the area Las Cuevas, near Millionario, in the Mountain Pine Ridge, Maya Mountains, Belize, Central America (16o45'N, 89o00'W).


No information available.


Silfvergrip (1996) does not recognise the subspecies. As an independently evolving subterranean taxon this subspecies should be raised to specific status.

Conservation Status


Since it is known from one site only this species is VU D2.

Museum Holdings

As above only.

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