Monopterus digressus

Gopi 2002



Species account reviwed by Ralph Britz






Holotype: ZSI-WGFRS 10684 218mm TL. Paratypes: ZSI-WGFRS Seven specimens 150-242mm TL, no identification numbers.


Known only from the type locality: Well at Kuthiravattom, a suburb of Calicut, Kerala, India, elevation 40 meters. 11.2543oN, 75.8009oE.


The true habitat is not known but is probably small conduits within a laterite aquifer.



Britz et al. (2016) state that external similarity to West African Monopterus species suggests that M. digressus might be a member of the ‘Amphipnous group’ within Monopterus.

Conservation Status


(Raghavan, R. and Ali, A. 2011. Monopterus digressus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2011: Downloaded on 06 July 2017).

Museum Holdings

As above only.

Internet Resources

Two films of Monopterus digressus searching for food are available.

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