Sternarchorhamphus muelleri

(Steindachner 1881) Eigenmann in Eigenmann and Ward 1905



Sternarchus (Rhamphosternarchus) muelleri  Steindachner 1881


Amazon River: freshwater


Lectotype: NMW 65328:1 260.5mm

Paralectotypes: NMW 65328:2 249.0mm

Ferraris et al. (2017) comment on these types: "apparently designated in Campos-da-Paz (1995: 35, 36), if not earlier". Which suggests that they were not totally sure that this is the correct citation for the typification.


Middle-lower Madeira, Juruá, Ucayali, Negro, Branco, Trombetas, Amazonas main channel, Capim, Araguari-Macari-Amapá, lower Orinoco, upper Orinoco, Apure (Dagosta and de Pinna 2019).


The genus Sternarchoramphus once contained two additional species (Sternarchorhamphus hahni Meinken 1937, now Rhamphichthys hahni (Meinken 1937) and Sternarchorhamphus macrostoma (Günther 1870), now Platyurosternarchus macrostoma (Günther 1870)). The first of these was removed from the genus by Campos-da-Paz and Paepke (1994), and the second by Mago-Leccia (1994). The genus is currently monotypic and is a member of the subfamily Sternarchorhynchinae Mago-Leccia 1978 and the tribe Sternarchorhamphini Albert 2001. According to Campos-da-Paz (1995) the monotypic genus Orthosternarchus is also in the subfamily and therefore they are sister genera but that this relationship is not yet fully known. Albert (2001) found that Sternarchohamphus muelleri is most closely related to Orthosternarchus tamandua of the species he studied thus supporting the subfamily and tribe placements of these species.

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