Chaetostoma undescribed species

[Lujan 2017 pers. comm.]

Chaetostoma undescribed species
Photography by Ramiro Barriga, Museum of the Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador







This species is currently undescribed and there are no types. It will be studied by Nathan Lujan of the Center for Systematic Biology and Evolution, Academy of Natural Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia.


Currently thought to be known only from Jumandi Cave Archidona, near Tena, Ecuador (0o30’S, 78o00W), where it coexists with Astroblepus pholeter. This distribution requires confirmation.


Jumandi Cave consists of a vadose stream passage 800m in length with a further 400m of side passages. The stream rises from a sump, flows through the cave, falls over a waterfall 0.8m high, and resurges from the cave mouth. Water temperature is 15o‑20oC, pH neutral, and water medium hard. The other aquatic species to be commonly seen are a characin fish Creagrutus muleri, a prawn Machrobrachium brasiliense, and nymphs of a mayfly Euthyplocia. The last of these provide the bulk of the diet of A. pholeter (Brown 1981; Hanson 1981; Brown and Hanson 1981). Sket (1985) records the amphipod Bogidiella gammariformis.


There is currently no data on any aspect of the systematics of this species.

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