Lucifuga holguinensis

Perez, Misas and Virsida 1987



Lucifuga dentatus holguinensis  Perez, Misas and Virsida 1987

In the original descrption of Lucifuga holguinensis (Perez, Misas and Virsida 1987) the authors proposed subspecific status of holguinensis within L. dentatus. Molecular studies by Garcia- Machado et al. (2011) clearly show that holguinensis is not a member of the clade dentatus, is in fact as far from dentatus as it is possible to get within the tree generated from the data. It is therefore raised to specific status herein. This action is supported by data in Hernandez (2005).




Holotype: female. No details of institution or accession number. Paratype: male 168mm SL. No details of institution or accession number.


Type locailty: Aguada de Macigo, Gibara, Holguin Province, Cuba.

Known also from Laguna Grande, Zapata Pininsula, Holguin Province, Cuba.


No details. The paratype male was collected from a depth of 20m.

Biological Notes

The male paratype was 168mm SL and this was reported to be the largest known specimen in the genus.

Conservation Status


Key References

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