Aspidoras psammatides

Britto, Lima and Santo 2005







Holotype: MNRJ 28407 25.7 mm SL.

Paratypes: MNRJ 21269 (51, 15.4-27.8 mm SL), MZUSP 67194 (20, 17.1-27.6 mm SL), MNRJ 21270 (26, 15.9-30.4 mm SL), MZUSP 67195 (20, 16.6-31.0 mm SL), MNRJ 21708 (7, 14.4-21-2 mm SL), MNRJ 21709 (50, 15.0-28.4 mm SL), MNRJ 21710 (18, 16.7-24.9 mm SL), MNRJ 21711 (47, 16.5-27.9 mm SL), MNRJ 21712 (1, 23.2 mm SL).


Type locality: rio Caldeirão, município de Lençóis,Estado da Bahia, Brazil (12º39’33"S 41º22’12"W)

Known also from: Brazil, Estado da Bahia, rio Capivara (12º37’19"S 41º22’35"), rio Roncador (12º42’01"S 41º21’26), rio Caldeirão (12º39’33"S), rio Ribeirão (12º35’10"S 41º22’57"W41º22’12")


Interstitial (psammophilic).

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As above only.

Key References

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