Barbodes pyrpholeos

Tan and Husana 2021







Holotype: PNM 15649 104.1 mm SL

Paratypes: PNM 15650 (2 specimens), ZRC 61230 (3 specimens) 69.6–93.1 mm SL, PNM 15651 (3 specimens), ZRC 61231 (3 specimens) 68.2–103.4 mm SL, ZRC 61232 2 specimens 59.7–76.1 mm SL


Known only from the type locality: Ugnop Cave System, Agusan drainage, Mindanao, Philippines. This cave is also the type locality of Caecogobius personatus and the two species coexist (Larson and Husana 2018, Husana 2020)


This species, and the sympatric Caecogobius personatus, share their habitat with a very troglomorphic crab Sundathelphusa prosperidad Husana 2020 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinucidae) (Husana 2020).


A member of the subfamily Smiliogastrinae.

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Key References

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