Schistura oedipus

(Kottelat, 1988) Kottelat 1990

Schistura oedipus
Schistura oedipus pink morph. Photograph by Paul Loiselle.
CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Nemacheilus oedipus  Kottelat 1988




Holotype: AMS I.25986‑002 70.4mm SL

Paratype: AMS I.25986‑001 74.3mm SL


Type locality: Tham Nam Lang, Pang Ma Pha District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand (19o31'N, 98o09'E).

Known also from Tham Mae La Na, where it coexists with Cryptotora thamicola, Tham Plah (= Tham Hud), Tham Ban Pok Kut, Ban Nong Pha Cham and “Christmas Cave” (Richard Borowsky pers. comm.).


Within Tham Mae La Na this species lives in gour pools while its co-inhabitant, Cryptotora thamicola, is found in water cascading over flowstone. A population estimate suggests that there are 104-105 individuals, a large population for a subterranean fish (Trajano, Mugue, Krejca, Vidthayanon, Smart and Borowsky 2002).  


Nemacheilus reidi is postulated as a sister species of this species although it is pointed out that the relationships of the fish fauna of Thailand are very poorly known (Kottelat 1988). Data on pigmentation and behaviour collected by Trajano, Mugue, Krejca, Vidthayanon, Smart and Borowsky (2002) suggest that this species is a neo stygobite.

Conservation Status

[VU D2:3.1:2011]

(Vidthayanon, C. 2011. Schistura oedipus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2011: Downloaded on 14 July 2017). This species is only known from subterranean streams in caves of Pang Mapha karst formation in north-western Thailand. Given the nature of the hydrological system and the likely limited extent of occurrence (considered to be much less than 2,000 km²), the species is assessed as Vulnerable (D2). Current and potential threats are tourism development and degradation of the surrounding watershed and water quality. R (IUCN 1990), R (IUCN 1993).

Museum Holdings

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Schistura oedipus gold morph. Photograph by Paul Loiselle.
Schistura oedipus regenerating melanin. Photograph by Paul Loiselle.