Indoreonectes evezardi

(Day 1872) Kottelat 1990

Indoreonectes evezardi
Redrawn by Rhian Kendall from Talwar and Jhingran (1992)
CypriniformesCobitoidei Nemacheilidae


Noemacheilus evezardi was described from epigean specimens by Day (1872). The first published account of their presence in a cave is that of Thines (1969:89) who reported information supplied to him by A. M. Agarwal. Greenwood (1976) also mentioned this species and disagreed with the previous two authors about the relative eye sizes of some of the specimens. More recently various studies have been made (see references below). Critically see the notes under Systematics below.


Noemacheilus evezardi  Day 1872

Nemachilus evezardi  Day 1936 (Thines (1969) misspelling and incorrect date)

Nemacheilus evazardi  (Bhargava, Jain and Singh (1984) misspelling)

Oreonectus evezardi  (Biswas (1989) misspelling)

Nemacheilus aureus  Shriavstava and Saxena (1988)




The cave form has no formal taxonomic status and there are no types.


The only published hypogean location for this species is Kotomsar Cave, (also Gupansar, Kutumsar, Kotamsar, Kutumbsar), Bastar District, Madhya Pradesh, India (18o52'10"N, 81o56'04"E).


Skalski (1990) provides a description and survey of Kotomsar Cave together with pertinent biological observations. The cave is 660m long and lies at an altitude of 580m. In wet weather water flows through the cave but as the water drops in the dry season pools are left behind. These are traps for the fishes which are numerous. Biswas and his colleagues consider this species to be a troglophile. It is at least as likely that the hypogean population is a distinct entity which is either phylogenetically young, or hybridised with a sympatric epigean congeners.


The cave dwelling fish from Kotomsar Cave is certainly not Indoreonectes or Nemacheilus evezardi. DNA analysis by Keskar et al (2018) showed conclusively that "Indoreonectes evezardi" is a species complex and true I. evezardi is only present in the upper reaches of Bhima River system. So it is not possible that the species from Madhya Pradesh can be the same species. It may be a hypogean population of an epigean species in the region or a new, undescribed, species.

Conservation Status


The population of fishes from Kotomsar Cave has not been evaluated. Skalski (1990) records that the fishes were numerous in all pools in the cave.

Museum Holdings

BMNH 1960.6.2:1‑2 (Greenwood 1976), ZSM 6439, ZSM/CMK 5992 3 specimens (Kottelat 1990).

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