Garra tashanensis

Mousavi-Savet, Vatandoust, Fatemi and Eagderi 2016







Holotype: VMFC GT-H 22mm SL.

Paratypes: VMFC GT-P1 to VMFC GT-P3 (3 specimens) 24-27mm SL.


Known only from the type locailty: Tashan Cave, Sarjusher Village, Tashan region, Khuzestan Province, Iran (30o51'91"N, 50o10'49"E) altitude 490m.


Tashan Cave is a chemoautotrophic ecology where nutrients are derived from xxxx rather than from the epigean as in the majority of caves (Fatemi et al. 2019, Brad et al. 2021). The cave contains Trogloiranica tashanica (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Moitessieriidae) (Fatemi et al. 2019) and Stenasellus tashanicus (Crustacea, Isopoda, Stenasellidae) (Khalaji-Pirbalouty et al. 2018).


Two morphological forms of the fish in Tashan Cave are known: one with a mental disk and one without (Hashemzadeh Segherloo et al 2022). Genetic studies stronly support the conclusion that these are each others closest relatives and that the phenomenon is a good example of phenotypic plasicity in a relaxed selective regime.

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Museum Holdings

As above plus: VMFC GL-NT1 to VMFCGL-NT3 (3 specimens) 55.8-74.0mm SL.

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Brian Coad's freshwater fishes of Iran website

Genbank COI (1) (Mousavi-Sabet et al. 2016, Zamani-Faradonbe et al 2021)

Genbank COI (2) (Mousavi-Sabet et al. 2016, Zamani-Faradonbe et al 2021)

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